Yellow Route

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Yellow Route

Make a left turn on to Yanonali St. Follow Yanonali to State St. Take a right turn on to State St. Follow State Street up until you get to E. Los Olivos St. Make a right Turn onto E. Los Olivos Rd. until it lead you to the Santa Barbara Mission.

After visiting the Mission (the Rose Garden across the street is also worth visiting), at the first right past the Mission is Alameda Padre Sierra (APS). This area is called the Riviera. From APS, you can get a beautiful view of Santa Barbara, the ocean and the Channel Islands. Go along the ridge until the road starts to head downward and you come to a roundabout (2.4 miles).

At the round about there is a sign pointing to Salinas Street. Stay on Salinas St until you see Old Cost Hwy on your left. Make a left turn onto Old Cost Hwy. You will now pass the Montecito County Club. Once past the Country Club you will see another round about. Go through the round about and follow the sings to Coast Village Road (the Shopping Center will be on your Left 2nd exit).  You will now go through the town of Montecito.  Make sure you say hello to Oprah as she waves at you, welcoming you to her town.

Proceed through Montecito until you reach the end of the town.  Make a right turn at the stop sign on to Olive Mill Rd. Continue to the beach and go around the Biltmore Hotel to the right. You are now on Chanel Dr. This area is called Butterfly Beach. Stay on Chanel drive until you see a Yellow Arrow pointing to the Right. Go up this hill, and follow Channel drive to Cabrillo Blvd. Turn left on to Cabrillo Blvd. Stay on Cabrillo until you get to the Visitor Center make a Left turn on to Garden St. and then a Right turn on Yanonali St until you see SB Buggie.