Make a right Turn from Yannonali St on to Grarden Garden Street and follows along Cabrillo Boulevard to the west. The Harbor is a beautiful place to stop for spectacular views of the ocean and mountains.

Continue west along Cabrillo Boulevard, which will become Shoreline Drive. If you stop at Shoreline Park, you will get a breathtaking view of the coastline. After two miles, Shoreline Drive curves to the right and comes to a stoplight at Cliff Drive. Turn left here and continue straight about two miles until you come to Arroyo Burro Beach. This beach is called Hendry’s Beach by locals and can be a good spot for surfing and viewing tide pools (or dine at The BoatHouse Restaurant).

Continue along Cliff Drive for a peaceful drive through Hope Ranch. This is a luxurious residential community with elegant homes along tree-lined roads (it was named after Thomas Hope, an Irishman who was granted the land in 1870).

Cliff Drive will turn into Marina Drive which turns into Roble Drive for a short time, and then turns into Las Palmas Drive (1.6 miles). Drive on Las Palmas past the golf course to a stop sign, which is at 1.8 miles, just past the overhead wrought iron gates that reads “Hope Ranch”. Go straight ahead and over the 101 freeway and you will be on La Cumbre Road. Continue on La Cumbre Road to the third traffic light, which is State Street. Continue on La Cumbre Road across State Street (1.1 miles) to Foothill Road and turn right.

Drive along Foothill Road about 2.4 miles (drive through three traffic lights) to the first “stop sign” and turn right. This is Mission Canyon Road and will lead you to the Mission.

After visiting the Mission (the Rose Garden across the street is also worth visiting), go back the same way towards Foothill Road and take the first right past the Mission, which is Alameda Padre Serra (APS). This area is called the Riviera. From APS, you can get a beautiful view of Santa Barbara, the ocean and the Channel Islands. Go along the ridge until the road starts to head downward and you come to a roundabout (2.4 miles).

Go through the roundabout and up the hill to the left on Alameda Padre Serra which turns into Eucalyptus Hill Road and then becomes Alston Road. Continue on Alston Road (2.4 miles), turn left onto Hot Springs Road and continue until it dead ends. Turn right onto Olive Mill Road, then another right on Coast Village Road and go through the charming area of Montecito. Go through the roundabout and go left under the freeway. Continue on Cabrillo Boulevard until you get to the Visitor Center make a Left turn on Garden and then a Left turn on Yannaonali St until you see SB Buggie.