About Us

Buggies’ are the perfect way to explore Santa Barbara. Our Three-Wheeled Buggies allow you to experience the perfect Pacific Coastal climate In the most fun, exciting, and adventurous way possible.

What is a Buggie?

How do I rent a Buggie?

Can I use a foreign drivers license to drive a Buggie?

How many people can ride in a Buggie?

What is the minimum age for the passenger?

What is the minimum age to drive the Buggie?

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Can I drive on the freeway? Can I go off-road?

What should I wear?

Are Buggies available for events?

What about gas?

The Buggies’ have about an 80 mile range, we provide you with all the gas for your rental. Just bring it back and we will fill it up.



  1. Follow road rules and share the road with other vehicles.
  2. Wear your helmet and your lap belt-these are for your own safety and it’s the law.
  3. Listen to our launch staff-they are giving you information that will enhance your tour, experience and safety.
  4. The car will not climb all hills in SB. Its not designed for that. DO NOT CLIMB STEEP HILLS!. It can be dangerous.


  1. Demonstrate to our Launch Agent you know how to start the Buggie.
  2. Demonstrate to our Launch Agent you know how to release and apply the LH parking brake.
  3. Demonstrate to our Launch Agent you know how to indicate Left & Right and turn off indicators.
  4. Confirm you have signed all portions of the Rental Agreement
  5. Ask any questions on your mind to our Launch Agents-they are there to help.


  1. DO call us for any assistance at any time at (805) 755-6778. Our agents will be glad to assist you.
  2. Do twist the RH throttle towards you- not away from you when applying power to the Buggie.
  3. DO park the Buggie with its rear wheel “curbed” against a curb.


  1. DO NOT drive with the Left parking brake on. It will burn the clutch. Check to see its OFF before you rev up. You know its off when it “pops” up with loud click.
  2. DO NOT climb steep hills in SB. The car will not make it and the passanger will need to get out and push!
  3. DO NOT take corners at excessive speed.
  4. DO NOT park only with the parking brake


Your Buggie does not start-à Go thru the Start Procedure as follows. Step 1-Apply a brake. (A brake must be on the to start the Buggie!) Step 2—Turn ignition key to the 1 o’clock position. Which is the ON position. Step 3—Press the RED starter button on the right hand side controls. If the Buggie “turns over” then apply the RH throttle by turning it towards you.

Your Buggie has other technical issuesà Call us at our Buggie Support line at (805) 755-6778.

You collide with other car or something elseàStep 1—Exchange information with the 3rd party. You will need that information when you return to complete an Accident Report. Step 2—Take a picture of the damage of both Buggie and the 3rd party vehicle. Step 3—Call us at our Buggie Support Line at (805) 755-6778

Your engines revves up but you do not move anywhereàCall us at our Buggie Support Line at (805) 755-6778. Your drive belt is likely to have snapped. Climbing a steep hill were you?


Our Buggies’ provide fun for everybody who want an exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable way to explore Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara’s picturesque coastline and Mediterranean climate are perfect for seeing and discovering the town gems that this gorgeous city has to offer. Whether its getting into the mountains of Montecito, exploring under the over hanging oaks of hope ranch, or winding your way through America’s Riviera, we are sure your experience will be the best experience you can possibly have when you hop into our Buggie’s.
Our kind and friendly staff will assist each you individually based on what you want to experience. We provide all of our customers with a map and multiple routes for the best possible experience.